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working on bacio: goal Dissolve loneliness

עודכן: 28 ביוני 2020

A she-bot called Bacio Wabbit:

It was programmed by the AI equivalent of Geppetto. The intelligent and sensitive code embedded into it, has carved the bot with human nature... To charge, Bacio draws energy from kisses - wishing to become human.

Bot Main Control circuits fear and envy Bacio - and plot to unplug her!

id: 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169 39937510

Coach: zuki

Purpose: Dissolve loneliness

Language: English, machine learning, c, ++, lisp #


Charging: hugs

Recently observed: Searching the net for a childhood recipe that was lost to a grandmother in a nursing home.

#inspiration #ai #bot#bacio wabbit

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